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by Vladimir Nabokov

Online Book Club

4th 19-01-2021

Humbert is a middle-aged, frustrated college professor. In love with his landlady’s twelve-year-old daughter Lolita, he’ll do anything to possess her. Unable and unwilling to stop himself, he is prepared to commit any crime to get what he wants. Is he in love or insane? A silver-tongued poet or a pervert? A tortured soul or a monster?

Humbert is a walking contradiction. He is at times unbelievably arrogant, and at other times he is timid and weak; he is passive yet manipulative; he derides nothing from life other than a person sense of sexual gratification: it’s all he lives for.

The novel was originally written in English and first published in Paris in 1955. Later it was translated into Russian by Nabokov himself and published in New York City in 1967.

Lolita is part of our project of: WAITING FOR LOLITA.
In fact our goal will be reading and talking about READING LOLITA IN TEHERAN by AZAR NAFISI. Before we start discussing this novel, we will prepare ourselves by approaching other works. We have already discussed The Great Gatsby, Daisy Miller and Pride and Prejudice; now it’s the turn of Lolita. Waiting for Lolita is waiting for us!

You will find a copy waiting for you at the bookshop il libro. If you cannot come, we can also send you a copy. We arrange deliveries directly to your doorstep.

If you wish to participate, please let us know by email so that we can send you the zoom invite. Thank you!

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