Mitford Scandal
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The Mitford Scandal

by Jessica Fellowes

Monday, 9th November 2020

at 7:00 pm


The Mitford Scandal by Jessica Fellowes is the third book in the Mitford Murders series, where lady’s maid Louisa Cannon accompanies Diana Mitford into a turbulent late-1920s Europe.

Since leaving her job as a servant with the Mitford family, Louisa has been scraping by. One odd job finds her serving at a grand party during the London Season, where wealthy, debonair Bryan Guinness is wooing Diana Mitford. Suddenly and horribly, a maid peering at the glamorous scene falls through a skylight to her death. It seems a tragic accident, but Louisa had noticed something…

Diana marries Bryan. She offers Louisa a position as her lady’s maid. The newly married couple, accompanied by maid Louisa, travels around Europe together with some of the most famous and glamorous luminaries of the era. Other murders soon follow, and with them, new suspicions grow.

Let us meet on Monday, 9th November 2020 to find out who is the murderer or who are the murderers, who worked behind the “curtains” and why. Read up till the end of chapter 59 (page 336), ”She needed to know if she was right.” And we will try to help Louisa and Guy Sullivan to solve the mysteries.

You will find a copy waiting for you at the bookshop il libro.

If you wish to participate, please let us know by phone or email. Thank you!

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