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The bookshop il libro has been in existence for more than thirty years, and remains the privileged PARTNER for LANGUAGE TEACHERS, providing a wide range of books for the learning of languages.

Initially a German bookshop, il libro grew to become a specialist in coursebooks for many different languages: Firstly German, English, Spanish, French and Italian, and then Portugese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, and others.

The CATALOGUE offers different material and support for traditional teaching and learning of languages as well as for self learners. The books and materials are aimed at adults and children alike, and cover a huge range of topics including civilization, history of art, literature, cinema, and cooking. The language courses focus on both general topics, as well as many specific areas such as business and law.

Besides traditional language courses, the catalogue includes:

  • Dictionaries (both mono- and bilingual)
  • Specialised hand-books regarding written and oral abilities and glottodidactic
  • Teaching aid material
  • Games
  • Easy readings with or without audio CD
  • International newspapers and magazines
  • Books in different languages (with parallel texts)

Every year in April and May a MOSTRA DIDATTICA takes place in the bookshop. At this event, teachers can find out about the latest innovations of various editors and participate in workshops and presentations by national and foreign publishers.

il libro also offers a NEWSLETTER which contains up-to-date information on publishers, specific sector news, latest innovations, and ad-hoc events organised by the bookshop.

Before placing an ORDER, schools and teachers are advised to ask for an ESTIMATE.

il libro works together with libraries, civic institutes, public and private schools, in Italy and abroad; and accepts “cedole librarie”, “buoni scuola” as well as APP18 and “carta docente”.